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comment on Seiklus by Kyle Ology:
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It was a pretty good game until you realize that there's a whole other set of items to collect and the only way to do that is by looking it up in a guide.
comment on UmJammer Lammy by Matt:
( 2 )
Great rhythm game, with catchy songs and a crazy plot.
comment on Redneck Rampage by Matt:
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Funny game
comment on American McGee's Alice by Matt:
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One of my favorite games.
comment on Resident Evil by luvcraft:
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Also available for the Wii under the title "Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil"
( -1 )
Best super hero game ever. Best game of 2009.
comment on Demon's Souls by Chris Proctor:
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So unforgiving that all of your character progression choices have enormous impact on your game. This makes them way more compelling than in most RPGs.
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Truly a great Real Time Strategy game. Strips out the base building, leaving you with strategic decisions and streamlined tactical micromanagement.
comment on Borderlands by Chris Proctor:
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Great game, best played with two IMO. Solo is fun, two is great fun, more than that and the enemy scaling screws up making it annoyingly difficult.
comment on Halo: Reach by Chris Proctor:
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Single player: not as exciting as Halo Multi player: phenomenal!
comment on Super Meat Boy by Chris Proctor:
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Extraordinarily good platformer with a great difficulty curve. Teaches you what you need to know, then punishes you hard when you don't remember the lesson.
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Makes cowboys cool again.
( -3 )
The best fighting game available currently. No credible competition for a skill-based fighter.
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Genius. One of the best and most atmospheric open-world FPS games I've played. This isn't really an RPG like The Elder Scrolls or Bethesda's Fallout games -- there are no levels or stats, no character creation, no classes or races to choose from... you are simply the Marked One, and your adventure is a bleak, lonely voyage around the mysterious and often hostile Zone. I would still like to see a game that approaches Tarkovsky's Stalker and its ideas a bit more subtly, but there's enough familiar stuff here to make things interesting for fans of that film and other sci-fi...
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Also for Windows, maybe others?
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This game is by far one of the best games I have played. I even like it more than the first.
comment on Darksiders by luvcraft:
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Frequently referred to by reviewers as "Zelda meets God of War", and rightfully so because it features the familiar "go to dungeon, find new tool halfway through dungeon, use tool to finish dungeon and fight dungeon boss, repeat" aspect of Zelda games and the "beat up on enemies until O/B appears above their heads, and then hit that button for a gruesome fatality" aspect of the God of War games.
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