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Atelier Totori

Atelier Totori



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comment by Joshua Rivera:
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Relatively barebones JRPG combat, world environs which consist of claustrophobic rooms, and despite the detailed anime character models, a flat, uninspired looking game. Despite this, I spent a decent amount of time playing Atelier Totori because the item crafting system is somewhat addictive and the character event sequences, not unlike the Tales series party member scenarios, are kind of cute. The actual main plot is focused on Totori, her sister, and her father coping with their mother's passing, and how they deal with Totori taking up her mother's mantle. Those scenes play out surprisingly tenderly, despite some of the tired jokes. The time constraints of the vaguely defined main quest discourages completely exploring every facet of the game on your first playthrough, and paired with the item crafting, actually reminds me of a Facebook simulation game if it were conceptualized as an offline experience. Panders very heavily to the otaku segment.