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Average of 2.71 from 7 ratings



PS3 Windows Xbox 360

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comment by Peter Anargirou:
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Lots of technical problems for me on PC. If the console versions don't have those technical problems, I'd say it's worth borrowing from someone and playing for a day.
comment by Joshua Rivera:
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I will withhold the cynicism of the presence of a White Castle and a Full Throttle vending machine after the overwrought execution of all of Main Street, USA as product placement and accept that the setting implores us to imagine an America ravaged by honest-to-god war. It does not stop Homefront from being the most unintentionally hilarious and goofy video game of all time, an attempt to produce a Braveheart for a culture that pretty much only has White Castles and baseball. Also, you come upon a mass grave at a high school baseball field, which is pretty much the realization of the Anti-America.