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Metro 2033
Average of 3.73 from 65 ratings

Metro 2033


Steam for Windows Windows Xbox 360

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comment by Joshua Rivera:
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It's unfortunate that the prologue scenes (with prerequisite on rails cart sequence) are so underwhelming because Metro 2033 is a much more intriguing game than the first hour or so would suggest. You wander through derelict Russian subway stations in the post apocalypse, some turned into desperate makeshift villages where NPCs listen to scratchy jazz records in their own little corners while anguished women cry across the hall. Valuable military-grade ammunition can either be used in a jam or as currency, making you paranoid to either use it or spend it. An ambitious engine emphasizes its ability to render light, and as such light and shadow are weaved in as both gameplay mechanics (avoid detection by turning out the lights! But your enemies can do that too!) and as a narrative theme. The atmosphere is as overbearingly bleak as should be expected from a game about Russian subway tunnels and every single one of its inhabitants are downtrodden. Going to be something of a modern classic in a few years, probably.