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What is reccr?

reccr is the amazing automated video game recommender! Rate a few games you've played, and it'll magically figure out what other games you'll enjoy! The more games you rate, the better reccr gets at making recommendations.

How does it work?

As people rate games, reccr keeps track of how "similar" games' ratings are. (For instance, if a dozen people each give the same two games 5 hearts, then reccr will see that those two games are more similar than two games where a dozen people have given one game 5 hearts and the other game 3 hearts.)

Then, reccr goes through all of the games in its database (that's 9,415 games and counting!) and compares them to all of the games that you've rated, to compile a list of the games it thinks you'd like the best, based on their similarity to games that you already like. Then it compiles that data into your "Recommendations" list, after weeding out any games that you've already rated, or added to either your "Ignore" list or your "Want" list.
(It's actually a little more elegant than that, but that's the basic gist of it.)

What's next for reccr?

reccr is currently in beta, and we have tons of additional features on the to-do list. Check out our Twitter feed for the latest news and updates, and let us know what you think of reccr and what features you'd like to see added!
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