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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are the "games with similar ratings" often so different?

Whereas other video game sites determine "similar games" by genre, gameplay, and other content, reccr bases similarity entirely on users' tastes.

For example, when this FAQ was written, Rock Band 3 was listed as being 100% similar to Cave Story; even though the two games are nothing alike, the similarity means that 100% of the users who rated both games rated them both the same, and thus it's likely that anyone else would like one as much as they like the other, despite how different the games themselves are.

How do I submit a new game?

If a game is not listed on reccr and you'd like to submit it for addition, you can do so here. The option to submit a new game for addition will also appear if you perform a search and a direct match is not found.

Why are you using the cover art from one platform's version of a game rather than another's?

When a game is available on multiple platforms, we prefer to use the cover art that shows the most artwork and the least platform branding. Typically this is the Windows or OSX version of a game. Ideally, we like to use cover art with no platform branding, as we have for Bioshock.

Why are there two separate entries for some games?

If a game is available both for mobile / portable platforms (like the PSP, DS, and iOS devices) and "sit-down" platforms (like Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360), it will have one entry for mobile versions and one entry for non-mobile versions, because in most cases there are significant differences between the mobile and non-mobile versions of a game, but not many differences between different mobile versions or different non-mobile versions. If you know that there are major differences between versions of a game that are listed together (for instance, if the Wii version of a game has significantly different gameplay from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions), please leave a comment about the differences in the game's "comments" section.

If you discover that there are multiple entries for mobile versions of the same game, or multiple entries for non-mobile versions of the same game, please let us know and we'll get them merged.

Are you going to add more platforms?

More platforms are gradually being added to reccr. If there's a platform you'd like to see on reccr, let us know and we'll add it to our to-do list!

How can I find my friends on reccr?

There's currently no way to search for specific users on reccr. If you'd like to invite friends to follow you on reccr, you can give them your profile link.

Why does reccr want me to login via another service?

reccr uses other service providers to authenticate users for simplicity and security. Doing so means that you can login to reccr instantly without having to manually create a new account, and it means that reccr doesn't have the additional security risk and overhead of storing users' passwords and email addresses. As stated on the sign-in page, reccr will never post anything to your Facebook, Twitter, or any other service without your permission, and reccr does not store users' email addresses, and will never email you except in direct reply to any support emails you have sent to us.

How can I ask a question that isn't addressed here?

Please contact us with any questions, problems, suggestions, etc. via our Contact page.