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Play focuses around skillfully jumping to circumvent dangerous obstacles and bottomless pits on a 2-dimensional plane.


Strategy games in which players control empires and "eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate".


Games that combine action-game-style combat, puzzle-solving, and navigation with RPG-style character progression


Games that can be played entirely without looking at the screen. Graphics are either designed to help players recognize audio cues, or are absent completely.


Games where players progress along a linear path, engaging in melee combat with a large number of enemies. Beat 'em ups usually feature co-op play, and a perspective halfway between side view and top-down view.


Gameplay centered around matching up colored blocks or completing rows of blocks.


Shoot-'em-ups in which most of the screen is frequently filled with enemy bullets


Remakes of 20th century arcade games.


Any game with typical cliches of the cyberpunk genre; low-life, high-tech. A futuristic setting, with a plot usually revolving around the cities underlife, and some evil corporation.


Games designed to educate the player on a specific subject, usually by directly tying game progress to comprehension of the subject.


Affectionately made sequels to, spin-offs of, or riffs on beloved franchises that aren't officially licensed.


Gameplay centered around farming; planting and harvesting crops, milking cows, shearing sheep, etc.


Games in which the player controls a character engaged in close combat with a single opponent.


Gameplay centered around shooting guns and other ranged weapons with a first-person camera perspective


Games that are either "free to play" and financially supported by "in-game purchases", or games that are officially entirely free for at least one platform.


Enables accessible game or level design as a primary focus, or otherwise robustly or interestingly enough to be a truly notable feature.


Gameplay focussed on story-telling, exploration, and puzzle-solving, usually with little to no combat or "dexterity-based" gameplay. Also often called "point and click adventure games".


Games that are only available in Japanese.


Games that require the use of the Kinect 3D camera peripheral


Games designed to simulate managing a business or city, usually with an emphasis on finances and the happiness of employees / inhabitants


Gameplay focussed around exploring a large, contiguous map, using collected power-ups as keys to access new areas, usually in a 2D, side-scrolling format. Also often called "Metrovanias".


Massively-multiplayer online roleplaying games, designed to be played online by large numbers of players co-operating and competing with each other.


Software for making music on game consoles.


A persistent, continuous environment accessible for exploration, instead of discrete levels or regions.


Gameplay focussed on using an in-game camera to take pictures
This is the list of Tags which can be applied to games, and which indicate games that fall into certain genres or include certain features. You can click the name of a tag to bring up a list of all of the games tagged with it. If there's a tag that you'd like to apply to games on reccr that isn't listed here, you can click on the submit a new tag button to submit it for addition to the list.