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Gameplay centered around racing against opponents or a time limit.


Games in which players each control a large number of units, all moving, fighting, and gathering resources in "real-time".


Modern games designed to emulate the feel of 1980s video games, via low-resolution graphics, "chiptune" sound, etc.


Gameplay based around performing actions in time with music, often using a special controller like a guitar or dance pad.


Gameplay centered around exploring randomly-generated dungeons with turn-based movement. Death usually requires players to start over from the beginning.


Role-playing games. Usually involve leveling up, stats, equipment, etc.


Games with procedural elements that facilitate player-motivated play and player-defined goals within the boundaries of a gameworld, either by design or in general practice by its user-base.


Games designed to be played to completion in under an hour, many in only a few minutes. They are distinct from arcade style games in that they don't emphasize replayability through difficulty or mastery. They tend to be more pointed in regard to their mechanics or narrative than longer games and are often released for free.


Gameplay centered around sneaking past enemies and / or silently incapacitating them without attracting the attention of other enemies.


Gameplay centered around managing limited resources (specifically ammunition and health packs) in a horror setting


Gameplay centered around building, repairing, and upgrading automated gun towers (or something similar) to defend a central base against waves of enemies, usually with a top-down perspective


Gameplay focussed primarily on using one joystick to move and a second joystick to shoot, usually in a top-down perspective.
This is the list of Tags which can be applied to games, and which indicate games that fall into certain genres or include certain features. You can click the name of a tag to bring up a list of all of the games tagged with it. If there's a tag that you'd like to apply to games on reccr that isn't listed here, you can click on the submit a new tag button to submit it for addition to the list.