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comment on Audiosurf by steam user:
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A musical game that differs from other games because you don't have a character, you choose a song, and then you play it, you can also choose your songs (mp3s and other) and then you control a little... spaceship or whatever it is, and you dodge bars and collect the coloured ones, there are also different challenging modes, the game is only 10 euros on steam, recommended to anyone who likes to relax by listening to a song and looking at outstanding visual effects. It pretty much puts you into a state where you feel great.
comment on Age of Mythology by steam user:
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A strategy game, like rise of nations, but it is all about mythology, you can choose between norse, egyptian or greek gods, each have their own benefits, and each "race" has different units, strategies and buildings, very fun to play versus someone, the singleplayer hero is Arkantos, who needs to defeat a cyclop called Gargarensis with help from his friends.
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Great game, as all bethesda games are :D Perfect for people who like the middle ages, you can sell and buy stuff like chocolate or sugar, you can also customize your ship and buy new cutlasses and flintlocks, the quests are great, the storyline is good and the gameplay is brilliant.
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