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Gunstar Heroes
Genesis PS3 Wii Xbox 360
4 hearts
PS4 Steam for Windows Windows Xbox 360
4 hearts
X-Com: Terror from the Deep
Steam for Windows Windows
4 hearts
Astro Boy: Omega Factor
4 hearts
Saints Row: The Third
PS3 Steam for Windows Windows Xbox 360
3 hearts
Landstalker: Treasure of King Nole
Genesis Wii
3 hearts
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer
4 hearts
Monster World IV
Genesis PS3 Wii Xbox 360
3 hearts
Steam for Windows Xbox 360
4 hearts
Diablo III
OSX PS4 Windows Xbox One
3 hearts


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I wouldn't call this generic. I'd call its simplicity elegant, smart. It's also gorgeous.
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Genius. One of the best and most atmospheric open-world FPS games I've played. This isn't really an RPG like The Elder Scrolls or Bethesda's Fallout games -- there are no levels or stats, no character creation, no classes or races to choose from... you are simply the Marked One, and your adventure is a bleak, lonely voyage around the mysterious and often hostile Zone. I would still like to see a game that approaches Tarkovsky's Stalker and its ideas a bit more subtly, but there's enough familiar stuff here to make things interesting for fans of that film and other sci-fi...
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From Software: really?!
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The current cover art is for King's Field II in the US, but the title of King's Field II in Japan was King's Field I in the US. Since the other King's Field games on this site are listed in proper order with their Japanese covers, this one should do the same. update: I see the titles have now been edited. That works, too. :)
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