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PS Vita
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Mutant Mudds
3DS DSiWare
3 hearts
PS Vita PS3 Windows Xbox 360
3 hearts
Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness - Episode One
OSX PS3 Windows Xbox 360
2 hearts
Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
2 hearts
Super Meat Boy
PS Vita Steam for OSX Steam for Windows Xbox 360
3 hearts
English Country Tune
Steam for Windows
4 hearts
Super Exploding Zoo
PS Vita PS4
4 hearts
SteamWorld Dig
3DS PS Vita PS4 Steam for Windows Wii U
3 hearts
Tomb Raider (2013)
OSX PS3 PS4 Windows Xbox 360 Xbox One
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comment on Brogue by grumpyzaq24:
( 1 )
Beautiful traditional roguelike that also has procedural environmental puzzles. Great extended interview with the creator here:
comment on Chrono Trigger by grumpyzaq24:
( -1 )
Adds nothing over the SNES version except clutter and a worse translation. An acceptable port, but just play the original.
comment on Forget-Me-Not by grumpyzaq24:
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An interesting variation on Pac-Man (and maybe something else?), but without the same hyper clear focus as Championship Edition since it mostly adds a bunch of mechanics (randomly generated destructible mazes, shooting, grinding, and more obscure stuff) that I didn't feel all worked together in a way that was clear to me as I was playing. Title's also a little weird, 'cause it's not like anyone's going to forget Pac-Man, silly-billy.
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Great art design and a good battle system, in theory, but utterly boring dialogue, battles, and level design. A chore to actually play it just to see the next cool city which is inevitably inhabited by boring, lifeless automatons.
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